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Get something that moves

Stick a jet on it

See how fast it can go

What’s that? Has it got wheels on it? Quick! Stick a jet engine on it and see how fast it can go!



Here are a few episodes of our escapades. We might make some more if there is enough interest, see the Contact Us page for info of where to email us and if we get enough requests we’ll make some more episodes.

Probably not too fast in the town square but a bit faster along the beach and who knows perhaps we might take to the air!


episode 1, jet testing

In Production

episode 2, big wheels

In Production

episode 3, smaller wheels

In Production

episode 4, still smaller wheels

In Production




This site is all about having fun with a jet engine. The different ways you can use a jet to drive different things and the interesting and exotic  ways to get arrested in doing so. It should be noted that Jet engines are not toys so go out and buy the biggest one you can get a hold of and  have lots of fun with it in public places. The different episodes are presented as, well, episodes. You’ll find a bit of text about what we did in each episode and then a link to the video on YouTube